Inclusive Education Training

Testimony from teachers at Public Special School 5 (12 November 2010)

Inclusive Education training at SLBN 5

Observing and handling children with special needs in learning are my motivation to be a special education teacher.
The training “inclusive class management“ helped me to have a better skill in identifying and assessment for children with special needs. This training also made me understand that in applying inclusive education, cooperation between teachers and parents are really effective to successfully help children with special needs in learning.

Testimony from Teacher at Slipi Elementary Public School 18

inclusive education training at SDN Slipi 18

Inclusive class management training was very interesting.
We learned that each child is unique including a child with special need.
We got a better understanding that providing accessible ways for students with special needs in learning can also give benefits for others students.

Inclusive education really help our school becoming inclusive and friendly school for each student.

Testimony from teacher at Slipi Public School 15 (23 November 2011)

inclusive education training at SDN Slipi 15

My wish to give motivation and help students who has difficulties in learning will soon be realized.
Through inclusive class management training, I got a better understanding what and how inclusive education.
This training was very useful that I improved my skill in doing student identification and assessment.
By knowing students characteristic and learning style, I can apply learning media and methods which fit and accomodate the learning needs of students.