Testimonials from RSAB Harapan Kita (4-5 November 2010)

CRPD training at RSAB Harapan Kita

As a doctor, I feel responsible to give the best treatment for persons with disabilities so they can be cured sooner, then they can be back to school, to work or to run business. But I am wrong, the disease that make people disabled is really not only medical business but it is also social business.
This training helped me have a better understanding on disability.
 I can’t wait to share this new knowledge to my friends. I’m also interested to take part in activities that is related to persons with disabilities.

Testimonials from Masjid Al-Isra(6 November 2010)

This training made me realize that God created us differently.
Everyone has their own uniqueness, including persons with disabilities.
God created them with some physical dysfunction. But they also have lots of capabilities, just like us.
From this training, I learned that the key is communicate and interact with persons living with disabilities in the appropriately and properly ways.

Testimony from Officer at Wijaya Kusuma Village (10 June 2011)

CRPD training at Wijaya Kusuma Village

When Mimi Institute staff came to our office to socialise the CRPD training, spontaneus  we thought that the training is not important for our service at Wijaya Kusuma village.
The explanation from Mimi Institute convinced us, and by June 10 2011, village staff and community members participated in CRPD training.