Testimonals from Nursing Academy Wijaya Kusuma ( March 31,2010)

At the first we wondered, what was the training?
Then we heard the word "disability", our feeling and thought to those who do begging on the street and who are beggars at traffic light.
We saw and knew them but, is that our business? Actually we want to help, but someone said people with disabilities are sensitive!
The learning process was going on, and the end of the training, AMAZING that we got our awareness and a better understanding.
For the time being, we were wrong, we have false perception which had given stigmatization to them.

Testimonials from Fatmawati Hospital (May 10,2010)

Fatmawati Hospital has had rehabilitation programs and providing accessible devises for persons with disabilities. Furthermore this hospital has employed more than one persons with disabilities. Though, this training according us gave benefits, and it was really helpful.
First, we had a better understanding of the terminology of disability which is translated to “disabilitas” not “kecacatan”.
Second, we got comprehensive knowledge that disability is something normal is not abnormal.

Testimonials from Kristal Hotel,Cilandak Barat ( 17-20 Mei 2010)

As the hotel staff, our priority is to provide the best service for all guests.
During the times, we wondered do our services appropriate and accessible for guests with disabilities?
Our hotel is opened for all and do friendly services for all. When we met guests who use wheelchair, guests with blindness, guests with deafness, often we also met the guests who were with their children who have different behavior, how to serve them?
This training answer our questions and removed our confusion. This training gave effective tips on interacting with them.