Testimonials from Fatmawati Hospital (May 10,2010)

Fatmawati Hospital has had rehabilitation programs and providing accessible devises for persons with disabilities. Furthermore this hospital has employed more than one persons with disabilities. Though, this training according us gave benefits, and it was really helpful.
First, we had a better understanding of the terminology of disability which is translated to “disabilitas” not “kecacatan”.
Second, we got comprehensive knowledge that disability is something normal is not abnormal.

Testimonials from Kristal Hotel,Cilandak Barat ( 17-20 Mei 2010)

As the hotel staff, our priority is to provide the best service for all guests.
During the times, we wondered do our services appropriate and accessible for guests with disabilities?
Our hotel is opened for all and do friendly services for all. When we met guests who use wheelchair, guests with blindness, guests with deafness, often we also met the guests who were with their children who have different behavior, how to serve them?
This training answer our questions and removed our confusion. This training gave effective tips on interacting with them.

Testimonials from Majlis Ta'lim Attaqwa Mosque's Committee (July,9 2010)

Attaqwa mosque is open to a wheelchair user.
Seeing Laeli, a Wisma Cheshire’s resident for the first time can enter the mosque with her wheel chair.
The mosque staff was quite flexible and accommodative.
“Wheels are their feet. If we clean our feet before entering the mosque, let’s clean their wheels before they enter the mosque,” said one of the staff.
If they come to your place to hold a mainstreaming disability training, immediately arrange your schedule because their information is very important and useful for improving your institute services.

Testimonials from Prasetiya Mulya Busines School (April 7,2010)

After attending this training, we learned that our friends with disabilities are not weak but they are unique.
Persons with disabilities and us are equal as a unique person in the diverse society.
We understood that uniqueness is not only involving in difference backgrounds, ethnics, languages but also difference characteristics.
This training made us have sensitization of diversity, made us able to appreciate diversity.
In particular, Prasetiya Mulia took a benefit from this training: becoming an inclusive and friendly campus for all.

Testimonials from the Students of SDN Kramat Jati 24,Jakarta (13 November 2008)

We’re so excited there’s a teacher who taught us about individual differences.
Everyone is different, including our friends with disability.
They have a unique characteristic. My friend with visual disability read with his fingers. They call it Braille.
My friend with hearing disability talks with their hands. They call it sign language.
Learning Braille and sign language was so much fun!