Testimony from parents of students at Elementary Public School 18

I found it difficult to teach my boy with learning behaviour disorder though his teacher said that he could learn, he was able to listen with a good concentration.

“Parenting Skill Training” facilitated by Mimi Institute given me an explanation how to solve that problem.

Through this training,
I have a better knowledge and skill to identify and to assess my boy in handling his learning at home which need a good network with his teacher at school.

Testimony from teachers at Public Special School 5 (12 November 2010)

Inclusive Education training at SLBN 5

Observing and handling children with special needs in learning are my motivation to be a special education teacher.
The training “inclusive class management“ helped me to have a better skill in identifying and assessment for children with special needs. This training also made me understand that in applying inclusive education, cooperation between teachers and parents are really effective to successfully help children with special needs in learning.