Testimonials from Kristal Hotel,Cilandak Barat ( 17-20 Mei 2010)

As the hotel staff, our priority is to provide the best service for all guests.
During the times, we wondered do our services appropriate and accessible for guests with disabilities?
Our hotel is opened for all and do friendly services for all. When we met guests who use wheelchair, guests with blindness, guests with deafness, often we also met the guests who were with their children who have different behavior, how to serve them?
This training answer our questions and removed our confusion. This training gave effective tips on interacting with them.
The benefit that the tips of interaction for persons with disabilities becoming the successful keys of interaction for all guess. A useful example, when we met guess with blindness, the tip is 3S (sapa, salam, sentuh) means greetings, hello, contact. This tip can be also effectively used when we met the elderly guests.


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