Testimonals from Nursing Academy Wijaya Kusuma ( March 31,2010)

At the first we wondered, what was the training?
Then we heard the word "disability", our feeling and thought to those who do begging on the street and who are beggars at traffic light.
We saw and knew them but, is that our business? Actually we want to help, but someone said people with disabilities are sensitive!
The learning process was going on, and the end of the training, AMAZING that we got our awareness and a better understanding.
For the time being, we were wrong, we have false perception which had given stigmatization to them.
In reality, They live and exist in the environment and community life, becoming part of diverse society. We know that disability is not stigma but characteristic. Having experiencing disability through simulation and role play, this training gave value added to support our profession as a nurse, which certainly will meet and serve the patient with different conditions and patients with various characteristics including patients with disabilities. After attending this training, we may conclude that this training is really useful. We understand to help them; we become more sensitize of uniqueness and diversity.

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